Tuesday 19 November 2013

It All Started!

I grew up in south western Ontario in a place called Owen Sound. I played hockey, baseball, soccer and did all the things most active kids did, including riding bikes and playing, Hide 'n' Seek and catching frogs and snakes in the park down the street. We never ventured too far from home though. My Mom and Dad both worked hard and did everything they could for us three kids! We just never really left our area unless it was for a hockey tournament some where else in Ontario!

I never really thought or felt like I was missing out on anything. I had lots of friends and a great and supportive family, We spent our summers at a cottage or at my Grand parents trailer at Sauble Beach. 

Eventually I met the woman I knew I would spend the rest of my life with! That's when things started to change in the travel department. It started out as shopping trips to Frankenmuth Michigan and Port Huron. Then came the moment that really started my travel juices flowing.

Please come back and read more on my next Blog. I promise I won't take so long to post this one.
Thank you.

Monday 11 November 2013

A New Beginning

      Before I start let me just say that not only am I new at this, but I also have never been very good at writing. With the start of this new Travel Consulting chapter in my life, one which I am enjoying more then I ever thought possible, I thought I would try getting my name and business out to everyone using multiple social media avenues as well. I plan to Blog about some of my own travel experiences, as well as my new experiences in the travel industry. I intend to pass on things I have learned, places I have been, places I would like to go and any other interesting information that comes my way.
    I look forward to any comments and insights from anyone this Blog manages to reach.